Windows 8.1 update has arrived today

Microsoft has delivered the much awaited update to windows 8.1, mostly targeting to the traditional PC users with mouse i.e. non-touch users. When Windows 8 was released Microsoft alienated many desktop users and there was a steep learning curve to get used to the modern UI and many UI gesture was not at all mouse friendly.

With this release Microsoft has addressed many of the complaints and targeting mostly the traditional users with mouse. Below are the new updates available.

  • Desktop Mode
    • Taskbar – Windows Store
    • Now all Modern UI running apps will be available in task bar.



    • Close, minimize buttons for Modern UI apps in both modes for mouse and keyboard use.

    • Now apps can be pinned to the Desktop taskbar.
    • Shows preview when hovered on the taskbar.
    • Miniature controls on hover for appropriate controls.
  • Modern UI mode
    • PC Settings Live Tile, no need to swipe from right.



    • New modern UI mouse actions. Right click gives tile properties. Now with CTRL you can select multiple tiles and can even drag multiple tiles.
    • Bing smart search now offers Windows Store app suggestion.
    • New App installed is now highlighted.

New update is not available through store, user need to get update through Windows Update and recovery.


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Create your own eBook in Android using BookCreator

After almost 3 years after BookCreator was launched in iPad, Red Jumper Studio has launched the app in Android too. I have personally used on iPad and it works great.

It’s a very good tool to create a stories for your kid, building family photo, albums and can even use it business purpose like creating the prototype. It’s best for personal use.

App is very easy to use, tap the + button to add the content to the page, including the text, image or audio. And to fit the item within the page just move it with your finger. User can even import images from the gallery and can use google chrome to save the images directly from the web.

User can share their work using google drive which can allow you to collaborate with others. Book Creator is optimized for 7″ and above tablet and user needs to have Android 4.1 or higher to install.

User can download the app from here.


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Facebook Messenger v4 released for iPhone and Android

Facebook released messenger version 4 for both iPhone and Android. Against our expectation there are no big updates. So below are the new updates in the Facebook Messenger version 4.

First addition is the ability to sort friends into groups and user can give customized names as well as user-assigned icons. It’s a really a welcome addition and people like were actually waiting for this update.

                                     image            image

Other change is ability to forward messages, including images, to users who are not part of the conversation. Forwarding is the basic thing which generally people do on mobile w.r.t. there messages, so people will really like this change.

And finally according to Facebook they have increased the performance and reliability which is generally part of the any app updates.

New update is already released so user can update it through AppStore if its already installed and for those who are new can download the app from there respective app market.

(Download: Facebook Messenger for iPhoneAndroid)


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Flipboard and Xbox One SmartGlass apps for Windows 8.1 receives new updates

If you are the Windows 8.1 users and happen to be using Flipboard and Xbox One SmartGlass app on your Windows 8.1 device than there are two new updates which are released and can be installed through Windows Store.


Since the change log is not available for Flipboard, the update likely fixes some bugs and some performance improvement. According to its app description, “Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news you care about, read stories from around the world and browse the articles, videos and photos friends are sharing. To begin, pick a few topics and tap any of the tiles to begin flipping through your personal magazine”.

And other app which is updated is the Xbox One SmartGlass app. Current change log for the Xbox One SmartGlass app lists improvements to the notification, improvement to the activity feeds, ability to close snapped apps on Xbox one etc. The change log which is mentioned is quite log and has not been updated. If you see any performance improvement please let us know.


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BlinkMail brings the new experience of Emailing to Mac users


New application called BlinkMail is going to launch as beta today, which will allow Mac users to manage their email box in completely different way. There are many other products which are competing with BlinkMail but for BlinkMail its main focus is on Email Triage. Its UI is fully based on Gesture based.


Main goal of BlinkMail is to increase the efficiency. After installing the email client, you can customize your Mac’s arrow keys as you like, setting one as the delete or archive action, another for replies, one for adding a label, another for sending the message to a cloud storage service, and so on. BlinkMail today integrates with Dropbox, Evernote, Things, and OmniFocus for saving emails and notes, while also letting users quickly accept or decline event invitations from its main interface.

BlinkMail is free download for Mac users, but a premium version for $19.99 is on the horizon, which will include support for multiple accounts, reminders and the Evernote integration. iPhone and Windows applications are also in the works, the company says.

I installed it and personally I am loving it. Please provide us with your feedback. You can download the beta version for Mac from here.


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