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With its 100th feature Google+ is now public with open sign ups. Also they improved Google+ app for Android with additional features like Hangout, group message with photos etc..

According to Google official blog, hundred new features have been added to Google+ since launch and 100th feature is the Open Sign ups. Now user can goto and can sign up for Google+.

Now the major update which was released by Google was the Hangout feature in the Android app. Hangout feature is now available for Android smartphone which has OS version 2.3 and above and should also have the front facing camera.

Other additional features are :

  • Users of US and India can now post to Google+, receive notification via SMS. Just verify your mobile in Google+ settings.
  • Just like Facebook and Twitter, now user can add someone in Circle to a conversation. User can now +[name] in the post and comment.

Besides this other features like, edit profile photos, customize notifications and being able to move Google+ app to SD card is now available for Android.


In the end, Google has renamed Huddle to Messenger and allows user to upload photos and to send across the circles.

Download Google+ for Android [Market link]

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