Google Music was out of Beta version and is now available to all in United States. Since its available only in US, users from other countries won’t be able to access Google Music. But there are some other ways to access it which will enable Google Music outside US.

Google Music

Engadget came up with the method which they posted on there blog which will enable Google Music.

How To Enable Google Music outside US:

1) Download and locate the Google Music 4.0,9 APK.

2) Download and install Tor browser for your OS.

3) Launch Tor and you will able to see the Status on the Control Panel, it should say “Connected to your Tor network”

4) Now from the main menu click on View Network.

5) Select any US based nodes which has US flag on it. Right Click Copy—> Fingerprint and paste it somewhere.

6) Exit the Network view and then click on Advanced tab from Vidalia Control Panel and click on edit torrc file.

7) Add

ExitNodes ??? (??? is the Finger print).

StrictExitNodes 1.

8) Exit tor and launch it again and open Google Music site.

If you perform the above steps properly then you will be able to see access the Google Music properly and I have personally tested it.

(Source : Engadget)

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