After creating a buzz in the browser war by giving the tough competition to IE and creating the best of the browser, Mozilla is now looking to enter the mobile web space.

According to the latest report from the Mercury News, Mozilla is planning to launch its own app store, called as Mozilla Marketplace, which will offer mobile apps which can run on iPhone, Android Phone and Windows Phone.

Mozilla is also working to develop a smartphone that would run apps within its browser and would not be specified to operating system.

Showing interest in entering the mobile web market, Brendan Eich, chief technology officer for Mozilla, said, “Hang onto your hats; we’re moving fast. A few years down the road, with Web technologies continuing to evolve, you should be able to do all the beautiful games and the presentation and the tools that you see in native mobile apps, but with a Web-powered phone.”

The reports states that Mozilla has been talking to manufacturers and wireless carriers that might be able to build and support a Mozilla phone. The prototype of the software is expected to be unveiled as early as next week at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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