For all those who are WordPress blogger and to all those who are the regular user of it, WordPress has announced a new feature that would help iPhone users to directly publish photos to their WordPress blogs using the Camera+ app.



The new feature can be used only by all iPhone users that have Camera+ 3.0 and the latest version of the iOS WordPress app. Publishing photo from the Camera+ Lightbox is quite simple : Just tap “Add Photo from Camera+,” and your phone switches to the Camera+ app – select a photo to load it into the WordPress app. Add a Title and a Description (both optional), and you’re done.

To use Camera+ to snap your photo, tap “Take Photo with Camera+” to switch to the Camera+ app’s camera. Crop your photo, add effects, and when you’re done, just press “Use” and your photo will be imported into the WordPress app where you can add all the details you want to.

According to the WordPress blog, they are planning more integration with camera in the further release. For now, the Camera+ options are only available for the Photo button on iPhone.

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