Skype, one of the most popular VoIP communication software, has just updated its iPad app improving its visual quality for those who are using the latest new retina display with iPad 3.

Personally I feel that Skype is the number one choice to have a voice call over internet with the competitive prices. With Microsoft acquiring it for 12.5 million dollars, it realized to many software giant that how important Skype network was.

With Microsoft releasing Windows 8, it shows how Skype is utilized and integrated more tightly with it and making it worth 12.5 million dollars.




But instead of focusing on just Windows 8, Microsoft is not missing to give fast update to iOS devices. In fact Skype is still in beta version for Windows Phone.

With three million of sales in first weekend already iPad 3 has created a buzz around the market and all the apps are trying to update to support the retina display and also includes quad-core graphics, a brand-new, 5-megapixel camera, and, of course, 4G LTE technology.


With this Skype has recently released the latest version of Skype which has Optimized graphics for new iPad Retina display, according to he iTunes link. Update is merely a cosmetic one but you can really enjoy the retina display feature of iPad 3.

Download Skype for iPad [iTunes Link]

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