At last the curtains are drawn out and here comes Google with one of the most anticipated online storage and collaboration service, with news first leaked by Google’s own French blog. And now even the Android app is available. And as expected I am very excited and after watching the video the only thing I can say is that its simple awesome.


According to the video which they I have launched, Google Drive much like a amalgamation of all the existing Google products like Google+, Google Docs, and a bit of Google Wave.



For all the excited users like and especially those who are big fans of Google Android, Google Drive is live and Android user can even download the app. Mac and PC web apps are also there, with Google claiming that an iOS app is in the works with a release expected to come in a few weeks.

image  image

But not everything comes free with Google Drive. Google is offering 5GB of storage for free, with 25GB costing $2.49 per month, 100GB setting you back $4.99 per month and 1TB stretching to $49.99 per month.

Its quite new and early in the market, so personally making use of it and to be habitual will take some time. Do let me know if you report some crash in the Android app of Google Drive.

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