Recently Google announced its Cloud storage service known as Google Drive, which is a direct competition to Drop box and SkyDrive. Google Drive allows you to access, view edits files from anywhere.

To install Google Drive, you need to download and install the official Google Drive app. After installation you can copy whichever file you want it to be on the cloud and you can access it from anywhere after that. Now the issue is how to access the Google Drive files when you are offline or when there is no internet connection around you. You can still access the files offline but for that you need to do some settings for which internet connection is required,

  • Install Google Chrome
  • Go to Google Drive official page.
  • Click the gear drop-down and select Set up Docs offline from the menu.
  • In the Setup offline viewing docs click Allow offline docs
  • Click install from the Chrome web store and from the Chrome web store click on Install.
  • Click the Google Docs icon to go back to your Google Drive.

For security reason, perform the above steps of accessing the files offline only on your personal computer, since offline access can risk your data.

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