For all the Skype fans to be precise all the Windows Phone 7 fans, Microsoft has officially released the Skype app for Windows Phone 7. Skype for Windows Phone was first released as a public beta at the end of February this year.


Now almost after eight weeks Microsoft has released the complete app for Skype. Those who had the Skype beta installed they will get the notification of the new version available and for the fresh user they will get the newer version anyways. After downloading, users will be able to place voice and video calls to any of their contacts as well as make use of the built-in instant messaging type features to send text based messages.

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Calls to other Skype users are free regardless of the platform Users are using i.e. Windows Phone Skype user can call to any Skype user who are using iPhone, Android etc.

The only feature which I feel is lacking that app won’t run in background. If you need to receive calls you need to have app open. Otherwise the app is quite polished and attractive and its really worth downloading.

Download Skype for Windows Phone [Marketplace Link]

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