Tethering from smartphone to our PC is very useful and its available in most of the smartphone OS. Whenever there is a light cut or primary Internet source stops to operate, tethering is really very helpful at that time.


But there aren’t any apps which do the reverse thing i.e. to make use of PC’s internet connection on the smartphone. Many times our smartphones won’t get the signal at particular place at our home and also many times our mobile data plan might be very expensive to use it every time. At that time Reverse tether app might be very useful. As long as you charge your mobile through USB you can make use of fast internet on your Android device.

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Once you are online you can continue use all the apps and data related apps and can even update and download without any hassles. Reverse tether app costs five dollars, but user can trial with the free trial version before purchasing it.

Download Reverse Tether for Android [Google Play link]

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