Facebook’s big announcement today was the new Graph Search. It was really a critical announcement since after the stock was tumbling down analyst were really worried about the future of Facebook and its new development. Facebook’s graph search is not just a Social search but the whole new way of using Facebook.

According to Facebook, Graph Search is not the web search and its not meant to replace the Web Search. Its a way to search People, access information and whole things which are already available on Facebook. But along with this it will also return the web search when its unable to find it on Facebook and will return Bing web results. This will really help Bing to get the ground in Web Search market and so its a bad news for Google search.

Main things Facebook’s Graph Search is centered around is People, Photos, Places and Interest. Example of search is Search TV show watched by Doctor Or Apps used by friends of friend. In short you can search anything which are inter connected. With this things it really has a great potential to be very powerful search engine and now since it has a billion of users its very much likely that People will use Graph Search more than Web Search which may indirectly benefit Bing search too.

With this Future of Graph Search looks great and has potential to replace the normal search with this new Social search. Please share your views or comments regarding the same.



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