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Security Apps For Your iPhone That Will Help You Sleep Easier At Night

You’ve spend a lot of money on your iPhone. They don’t come cheap and that means you have to look after it the best you can. To some that might mean remembering not to go swimming while it’s in their pocket, but to others we know that having some security measures in place can save us a lot of trouble if something was to go wrong.

We all have access to the same apps and there’s literally thousands of them. Downloading certain ones can be the difference between your iPhone working perfectly or being destroyed. If you’re sensible you will want to protect it the best you can and here’s the apps you need to help you do it.

Splash ID

With Splash ID it allows you to secure lots of valuable data that would otherwise be waiting there for someone to steal. Everything can be accessed quickly and easily so you won’t spend ages trying to get access to something important. We’ve all been there and it’s a real pain. The app also has a random password generator that makes it easy for you to set strong passwords every time you sign up somewhere new.

Snap Secure

If someone decides they like the look of your iPhone they would be making a big mistake trying to steal it. If you use Snap Secure you will always know where your phone is and the police will be able to find it straight away. You can also backup your data wirelessly and if someone does steal it you don’t lose everything on the device.

Find My iPhone

This one is the same idea as the previous one except it has a few cool features. If you lose the phone you can display a message on it asking someone to return it. This will maybe scare someone if they’ve stole it, but if you’ve just lost it you might get it back much easier. You can also play a tone on it even if the phone is on silent, which will make finding it easy if it’s somewhere in the house. It also lets you lock your phone remotely.

Lookout Mobile Security

It’s always nice to know you’re on a secure connection, otherwise someone might be able to get into your phone and take all your data. I’m sure you’ve seen a few celebrities fall victim to this little trick. The app will let you know when you are in danger. It will also tell you when you should be making backups of your data, and like the previous apps it will tell you where it is if you lose it.

1Password Pro

We all use dozens of different websites and trying to remember all the passwords can sometimes be a nightmare. An easy way to solve this is by using the same password for everything, but you know this is crazy because someone will have access to everything if they get hold of one password. 1Passowrd Pro allows you to store every password inside the app and you only need to remember one. You can also store more important data and you’ll always feel secure whenever you’re online.

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Dropbox enhances security, includes two-step verification[Activate Now]

User data is one of the most important and critical and to make it secure is even more challenging. Recently with many of the top portals where user account was hacked so many of the companies are coming up with new secure update and recently is the Dropbox.

These days most used form of authentication is the two-step authentication. User sign-in to a service with the username and password, service then sends the verification code to your phone which you need to re-enter to login. Facebook and Gmail use this feature and the new member in this group is Dropbox. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud syncing and storage device. And personally I use it a lot on my Android device.


For enabling this feature, login to your Dropbox account from the website, click on your name in the top right corner, click on Settings > Security > Account sign in and change Two-step verification to Enabled. Then choose to get the verification code sent to your mobile or use a mobile app. For all smartphone user you can download Google Authenticator from the Google play store or iOS App Store. Launch the app and click on + symbol, select time-based token and then scan the barcode which was provided by Dropbox.

Once done you will be asked every time if you login Dropbox from a Computer which is not recognized by Dropbox.

(via Dropbox)


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New Cities Added to 3D maps in the Latest iOS Beta

Yesterday Apple released iOS 6 beta 4 which notably drops Google’s YouTube application and also adds some new tweaks. But the main highlight of iOS 6 is the 3D maps and lately Apple has added new cities from North America and Europe to its Maps app’s 3D feature.

Announced as a part of WWDC 2012 in June, Apple will ditch Google maps in favor of their own mapping service. Apple’s maps comes with 3D mode and shows highly detailed view of some of the selected cities like Chicago, Sacramento, Denver, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Las Vegas, and Sydney to name a few.


Now, Apple has increased the list of supported cities. The new cities include:

  • USA: Boston, New Orleans, Houston, Portland, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Dallas, Atlanta
  • France: Lyon
  • England: Birmingham, Manchester
  • Canada: Toronto

(via 9to5Mac)


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Apple AppStore For iPhone Updated [New Express Checkout Feature]

After releasing the new iOS 6 to beta testers, a new line of MacBook Pro, Apple has latest to release in the public is the new version of AppStore for iPhone. The new version of AppStore is 2.2.

The new feature which is included in the AppStore is the new Express Checkout. By bypassing the basket portion of the buying process, Apple allows users to enter their Apple ID and have items billed to the credit card that is already on file for iTunes purchases. Prior to Apple AppStore, Express Checkout feature was available only in Company’s web store. Now since adding the same feature in iOS AppStore will make buying new things very easy.

The latest version of Apple Store 2.2 is live and is available for download. And the most important part is it requires iOS 5or above in order to install. Do remember the requirement before downloading.

Download Apple Store for iPhone [iTunes link]

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Force YouTube to open in mobile website on iOS instead of iOS Native app

All the YouTube link generally opens in the native iOS apps and the similar is the case with Windows Phone. Both the OS gives the default option of opening all the YouTube links with their native app. But since the launch there hasn’t been any significant update and because of that it lacks many features compared to the mobile YouTube website that Google launched two years ago.

With a lot of talk of iOS 6 which is set to announced at Apple’s WWDC, the native YouTube app should also be the subject of change. So till now open if user wants to stop iOS from launching the native YouTube app and force to use the YouTube mobile website, user just have to disable YouTube under

Settings –> General –> Restrictions.

With the above steps users will be able to open all the YouTube links in the mobile website and will also hide the native YouTube app. And if you decide to revert your mind than you simply need to follow the above steps and enable it again and native YouTube app will be enabled.

(via Macworld)


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