Apple released First television commercial iPad 2 approaches to hub on the experience of using the device rather highlighting its technical capabilities or specific features. The fresh Ad is high-classed ‘We Believe’ and the subtitle is ‘It’s everything we believe technology should be’, commence with more amiable tagline.

Apple Released First television commercial for the iPad 2 - “This is What We Believe…”



This is what we believe. Technology alone is not enough. Faster, thinner, lighter…those are all good things. But when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful…even magical. That’s when you leap forward. That’s when you end up with something like this.


Please watch the 31 second advertisement below -

In the above ads you can notice that the iPad 2 paying specifically attention on its speed, weight, and thinness. As usual, the commercial highlights a slew of iPad apps, including the Video app, AirStrip, iBooks, Mail, Numbers, GarageBand, the Photos app, Intro to Letters, and Mobile MIM.

Here are the main features of the Apple iPad 2 if you haven’t seen them yet.

  • 9.7-inch (1024×768 resolution) LED back-lit widescreen display with IPS technology
  • Dual cameras; VGA front-facing and 720p HD capable rear-facing
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • AirPlay support built-in for wireless streaming to AppleTV and other Apple products
  • 1080p HD output via optional HDMI connector with content mirroring
  • 16/32/64 GB internal storage options
  • Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G model options
  • White/Black color options
  • Price starts at $499 for Wi-Fi only and $629 for Wi-Fi + 3G
  • 1GHz Dual-Core Apple A5

iPad2 is truly a magical device!!


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